Gunfighter Gothic

We Shoot the Weird in the Face
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Welcome to the online home of GUNFIGHTER GOTHIC, a series of stories involving Americans Hanna Pak and Jill Masters investigating cases of the weird and dangerous all over the world.

It starts in 1866. Jill is engaged to a man she does not want to marry, but has agreed to do so to save her father’s business and her family’s fortune. Hanna serves a triple role as her lifelong friend, servant, and occasional lover. When Dotson is kidnapped on the morning of the wedding, Hanna and Jill head west to save him.

But Dotson doesn’t need saving.

The handsome, wealthy young man faked his own kidnapping and the reasons why set Hanna and Jill down a path that will lead them across the American West and eventually to Europe, where they realize they have a talent for “shooting the weird in the face,” and decide to become partners.

These are their stories.


Gunfighter Gothic and all related characters, stories, and images are Copyright 2012-2014, Mark Bousquet (

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