Absinthe & Steam Now Available

Gunfighter Gothic Volume 2: Absinthe & Steam.

Gunfighter Gothic Volume 2: Absinthe & Steam.

Gunfighter Gothic, Volume 2
Absinthe & Steam
Atomic Anxiety Press, July 2014
Created and Written by Mark Bousquet
Available in Paperback and for the Kindle

The latest collection of Gunfighter Gothic stories is now available. Fresh from their battle at the haunted Kraken Moor, Hanna and Jill are back for more investigations into the dangerously weird and weirdly dangerous.

The vacationing Americans are hitting Victorian England hard in three horror stories that pit them against reborn Celtic gods, robots from outer space, a brilliant French botanist, and an Arthurian wizard.

In “Thanksgiving at the House of Absinthe & Steam,” a wild night of drinking a new brand of absinthe leads to a disturbing revelation about just how those drinks are created.

“God in the Steam” sees Hanna & Jill facing off against a Celtic god trying to break the chains of Hell by murdering his half-human son.

“The Worldly Introduction of Lady Absinthe & Gentleman Steam, Occult Detectives” ties both stories together, and this time it’s a brainwashed Jill that needs to hire someone to help her with a case of the weird: her mistress, Haneul, is determined to bring Merlin back from the dead to assassinate Queen Victoria!

Story 1
“Thanksgiving at the House of Absinthe & Steam”
1866 / November
Thanksgiving dinner with visiting Americans in London gives Hanna and Jill a new client and a chance to get really drunk on really amazing absinthe, and then fight Lugus, a reborn Celtic god who wants to impregnate the entire world. Guest starring Lady Jenny Carashire and Sarah Maugh.

Story 2
“God in the Steam”
1866 / December
Portions of this story take place in 1867 / June.
After the events at the House of Absinthe & Steam, Lady Carashire invited Hanna and Jill to her country estate, where she hopes to trick them into assisting one of her scientists with his experiment. There’s also another reborn Celtic god on the loose to make things dangerous. Guest starring Lady Jenny Carashire, Sarah Maugh, Father Ryan Bragh, and Abigail and Jens Anthon.

Story 3
“The Worldly Introduction of Lady Absinthe & Gentleman Steam, Occult Detectives”
1866 / December – 1867 / June
Victims of scientific experiments conducted by Lady Carashire’s scientists, Father Bragh and Abigail Anthon now find themselves transformed – him into a man of metal and her into a woman of plants. They take on a new client, an American named Jill Masters who is worried that her mistress, Haneul Pak, is possessed by the ancient spirit of Morgan Le Fay. Guest starring Lady Absinthe, Gentleman Steam, Merlin, and Ajax Finch.


About Mark Bousquet

Wordslinger for hire. Contact me at bousquet.mark[@]gmail.com.
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