Ajax Finch

Ajax Finch
Nomadiri Scientist
Casting Call:

When he first meets the women of Gunfighter Gothic, Ajax Finch was the only awoken member of the Nomadiri, an alien race that parked their spaceship in Earth’s orbit. Centuries earlier, the Nomadiri were forced to flee their home planet and take refuge in the stars. As the years went by and their bodies began to fail them, they transferred their consciousness and hearts into a suit of armor called a R.O.B.O.T. (Rigid Organic Biological Operations Transport) and went into a deep sleep.

Only Finch remained awake, charged with the duty to find a way to return the Nomadiri to a state of flesh and blood. While Ajax is helpful, kind, and a great admirer of Hanna and Jill, he also takes the duty to his people seriously, which sometimes puts him at odds with Gunfighter Gothic, though he is always cognizant of looking out for them.

During the confrontation at Kraken Moor, Ajax stood both with and against the two women. He gathered a sample from Bellingham, the time-traveling, immortal British spy, that he believes will allow the Nomadiri to return to living bodies without killing any humans in the process.

Ajax Finch’s Major Appearances
“The Vampires of Jesus Christ” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“Colorado Kaiju” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“The Rebirth of Kraken Moor” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“The Worldly Introduction of Lady Absinthe & Gentleman Steam, Occult Detectives” (Absinthe & Steam)

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