Roger Moore

Immortal, Time Traveling British Spy from the 44th Century
Casting Call: Roger Moore (1960s)

Suave, debonair, and mysterious, Bellingham first entered Hanna and Jill’s life during their western pursuit of Dotson Winters. Like Hanna, his primary interest was in acquiring the Colony List, which initially put the two at odds. After Jill died, however, it was Bellingham who informed Hanna of the Universe Cutter and protected Jill while Hanna and Roma made their play for the immortality-granting blade.

Bellingham’s headquarters are in the Last Cathedral, a space station in Earth’s orbit in the 44th century. The Cathedral looks like two Gothic Cathedrals attached base-to-base, and Bells lives there with Queen Isabel (the exiled Queen of England) and his assistant, Miss Tennyson Feathers. It was at the Cathedral where Hanna and Jill were transported to help Bellingham save the fabric of time from giant salt and pepper shakers.

Bellingham is immortal, thanks to the Universe Cutter, and frequently finds himself at odds with the Metronome, the collective of powerful beings who live at the end of time and created the Cutters.

Bellingham’s Major Appearances
“The Blood of the Universe” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“Rubber Suited Monsters: A Tribute to Doctor Who” (ebook)

Solo Bellingham Stories
“Appetite for Appeasement” (out of print)

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