United States Spy / Right-Hand Man of President Ulysses S. Grant
Casting Call:

Resourceful and pragmatic, Plummer entered the lives of Hanna and Jill while on the trail for the Colony List, a document desperately desired by President Ulysses S. Grant. Due in part to society’s typically negative reaction to his homosexuality, Plummer looks at the world with a general sense of distrust. Despite this, he’s been won over by Hanna and Jill’s determinism and ability to stay true to their ideals.

Which is not to say they’re the best of pals, though it was Plummer who scooped the then-immortal Jill off the Rocky Mountains after she pancaked from a zeppelin.

With Plummer, the mission comes first. A notorious believer in short-term thinking versus long-term consequence, Plummer’s takes the world in small bites, concentrating on the mission first.

Stories with Gunfighter Gothic
“Train Comes a’ Burning” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“The Blood of the Universe” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“Waltzing Zombies Prefer Dixie” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“The Vampires of Jesus Christ” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“Colorado Kaiju” (Under Zeppelin Skies)

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