Black Christmas


Gunfighter Gothic 3 Cover c small
Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 3): Black Christmas


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Hanna & Jill are spending the 1866 Christmas season adventuring across France!

There’s little time for eggnog drinking and tree trimming, however, as they confront all manner of Christmas foes: the Krampus, Sinterklaas, Mother Noel, the Progenitors of Steam, a giant snowman, a secret society of child kidnappers, leaping lords, milking maids, feisty french hens, the Partridge, the Metronome, and a very special man in a red coat who sees you when you’re sleeping and plays very, very naughty.

The third volume of collected Gunfighter Gothic stories opens with a mysterious woman crawling to the End of Time. Seeking a purpose to her life, the Metronome is more than happy to give her one that will send her hurtling across time and into conflict with the determined women of Gunfighter Gothic.