Under Zeppelin Skies


Gunfighter Gothic, Volume 1
Under Zeppelin Skies
Atomic Anxiety Press, 2014
Written by Mark Bousquet

UNDER ZEPPELIN SKIES is the first collection of Gunfighter Gothic stories, introducing us to Hanna & Jill and taking us through their first arc.

Story 1
“Train Comes a’ Burning”
Originally published in How the West Was Weird, Volume 2 (PulpWork Press)
Hanna and Jill’s first story, taking place aboard a train leaving Kansas City and headed west. The women are hunting two objects: Jill’s fiancé, Dotson Winters, and the Colony List, a catalog of secret Colonist operatives. Aboard the train, Jill uncovers a murder, and the women find themselves embroiled in a fight with werewolves, vampires, Havertons, a time traveler, a fiancé, and a former First Lady of the United States. Guest starring Bellingham, Dotson Winters, the Colony, and Samuel Clemens.

“The Blood of the Universe”
Originally published in Gunfighter Gothic Volume 0: Blood of the Universe (now out of print)
Jill’s dead and Hanna is on the hunt for the Universe Cutter. She’ll team up with an Italian time traveler and fight lizards, Sun Chasers, Confederates, and the Metronome, a being from the end of time in order to bring Jill back to life. Guest starring Bellingham, Roma, and Plummer.

“Waltzing Zombies Prefer ‘Dixie'”
Hanna and Jill on a zeppelin full of zombies who can only retain their humanity by furthering the Lost Cause of the United States Confederacy. Guest starring Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the Colony, and Plummer.

“The Vampires of Jesus Christ”
On the hunt for Dotson Winters, Hanna and Jill visit Fort Collins, Colorado, and find themselves quickly embroiled in a battle between Christian vampires, Sun Chasers, and the United States Army. What do you do when you find yourself caught between three armies who want each other dead and you don’t give a flying flip? Guest starring Plummer, Ajax Finch, Sister Alana, and Father Lyndon.

“Colorado Kaiju”
Strange beasts are loose in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. With Hanna missing, Jill is joined by Ronson Tanku, a Japanese archaeologist, to investigate the monsters. As for Hanna, she finds herself a prisoner aboard the Nomadiri’s spaceship. Guest starring Ronson Tanku, Ajax Finch, and President Grant.

“Rebirth of Kraken Moor”
A sequel to the Victorian horror novel, THE HAUNTING of KRAKEN MOOR, Hanna and Jill are invited to the castle by its new owner, Dotson Winters. Everything comes to a head, as Hanna and Jill do battle with ancient demons in their attempt to find resolution to their dual searches for Dotson Winters and the Colony List. Guest starring Bellingham, Branford Masters, Ajax Finch, and Charles Francis Poseidon.


Gunfighter Gothic and all related characters, stories, and images are Copyright 2012-2014, Mark Bousquet (bousquet-dot-mark@gmail.com


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