Military Commander of the Nomadiri
Casting Call:

Darroque has two interests: shedding his armor to regain a living body and creating his own kingdom on Earth.

Though he, like all Nomadiri, inhabit the same style of armor, they differentiate themselves through their attire, and Darroque wears a long, leather, pink coat, trimmed with black. He is a brilliant tactician and perfectly at ease using violence to accomplish his goals. He neither likes nor trusts Ajax Finch, the Nomadiri scientist, but knows he needs him to escape his metallic prison.

Darroque’s Major Appearances
“Colorado Kaiju” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“Rebirth of Kraken Moor” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“The Worldly Introduction of Lady Absinthe & Gentleman Steam, Occult Detectives” (Absinthe & Steam)

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