Dotson Winters

Dotson Winters
Jill’s Ex-Fiancé
Casting Call:

Dotson Winters wanted Jill, but she did not want him. She agrees to marry him at the urging of her father, who insists this is the only way to save both the family and his merchant and whaling business.

In his early twenties, handsome, and rich, Dotson has come into the possession of the Colony List, a catalog of a large number of Colonists, a secret but loosely organized collective of agents from colonized countries who have take up work in the houses of Euro-American elites. Their goal is to protect the elite from themselves, ensuring that items collected because they’re pretty don’t accidentally cause the end of the world.

Dotson wouldn’t mind causing the end of the world, though he’d prefer to rule over this one.

Dotson Winters’ Major Appearances
“Train Comes a’ Burning” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“Colorado Kaiju” (Under Zeppelin Skies)
“Rebirth of Kraken Moor” (Under Zeppelin Skies)

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