Hanna & Jill

Grace Park

Jordana Brewster

Haneul “Hanna” Pak is born March 15, 1839, to Min-hyuk and Jiyeon Pak, servants in the house of Branford Masters. She is a year younger than the Masters’ eldest daughter, Jill (born June 22, 1838), and the two women grow up friends despite the different parts of the house they lay their head in.

Even as girls, Hanna and Jill found ways to get into trouble together. Branford was a merchant and a whaler and his massive ships returned from faraway ports with strange and dangerous artifacts, which the two girls were only too happy to seek out. Before they were ten, they’d seen enough zombies and mummies and ghosts to know that the world was more than it liked to pretend it was.

Before they were twenty, they’d become something occasionally more than friends. Hanna, the more serious of the two, fell desperately in love with Jill, and Jill, the wilder of the two, was happy to indulge these fantasies from time to time. For nearly a decade they continued in this pattern, though age dulled their adventures as adulthood brought new responsibilities. Jill was a merchant’s daughter, after all, and Hanna was her servant.

Both women disappointed their parents: Jill for not marrying any of her numerous suitors and Hanna for not embracing her role in the Colony, a loose collective of working class immigrants spread throughout Europe and America protecting people like Branford Masters from the artifacts he saw merely as trinkets.

In the late summer of 1866, Jill finally agrees to her father’s request to marry Dotson Winters. The young businessman had long desired Jill, and through the failings of her father’s business, he found his way to acquire her. A deal was struck between Dotson and Bradford, but Jill needed convincing. On the morning of their wedding, Dotson fakes his own kidnapping, and Jill and Hanna decided to go after him.

Their journey leads them to the American West and then to Europe, where the truths about Dotson and Branford are revealed in a bloody battle inside a haunted castle.

The two women decide they like their new life, and continue on as Gunfighter Gothic, getting paid to investigate the weird.


Gunfighter Gothic and all related characters, stories, and images are Copyright 2012-2014, Mark Bousquet (bousquet-dot-mark@gmail.com


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