Timeline of Major Events and Published Stories

1838 / June 22
Jill Masters, the eldest daughter of Branford and Lindsey Masters, is born.

1839 / March 15
Haneul “Hanna” Pak, the only daughter of Min-hyuk and Jiyeon Pak, servants in the Masters’ house, is born.

1865 / April 9
The Union wins the United States Civil War when General Robert E. Lee surrenders at Appomattox

1866 / April 9
One one-year anniversary of Lee’s surrender, President Andrew Johnson assassinated along with General Robert E. Lee at Washington College in Lexington, Virginia by Branford Masters. General Grant, who was also in attendance, survives.

1866 / September
“Train Comes A’ Burning”
(Gunfighter Gothic v1: Under Zeppelin Skies)
Hanna and Jill’s hunt for Dotson Winters and the Colony List begins. Guest starring Bellingham, Plummer, and Samuel Clemens.

“Blood of the Universe”
(Gunfighter Gothic v1: Under Zeppelin Skies)
Hanna’s quest to save Jill by claiming the Universe Cutter. Guest starring Bellingham, Plummer, Roma, Sun Chasers, and the Metronome.

“Waltzing Zombies Prefer Dixie”
(Gunfighter Gothic v1: Under Zeppelin Skies)
Hanna and a now immortal Jill are trapped aboard a zeppelin during a zombie outbreak, and the zombies won’t stop whistling “Dixie.” Guest starring Plummer and Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

1866 / October
“The Vampires of Jesus Christ”
(Gunfighter Gothic v1: Under Zeppelin Skies)
Hanna and Jill find themselves caught between Christian vampires, Sun Chasers, and the United States Army in Fort Collins, Colorado. Guest starring Plummer, the Sun Chasers, Father Lyndon, and Sister Alana.

“Colorado Kaiju”
(Gunfighter Gothic v1: Under Zeppelin Skies)
With Hanna missing, it’s up to Jill and Ronson Tanku to investigate strange claims of half-formed dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Hanna is trying to figure out why she’s having an adventure with a kid version of Jill. Guest starring Ajax Finch, Ronson Tanku, and President Ulysses S. Grant.

1866 / November
“Demon Winter at Kraken Moor”
(Gunfighter Gothic v1: Under Zeppelin Skies)
The conclusion to Hanna and Jill’s quests for the Colony List and Dotson Winters comes to a head at Kraken Moor, a haunted castle in the east of England. Jill discovers the truth about her father’s involvement in the assassination of President Johnson. Guest starring Bellingham, Ajax Finch, Branford Masters, and Charles Francis Poseidon.

“The Lizard of Buckingham Palace”
(an oft-referenced, but untold story)
Queen Victoria has a lizard problem. Gunfighter Gothic is here to help.

“Thanksgiving at the House of Absinthe & Steam”
(Gunfighter Gothic v2: Absinthe & Steam)
Thanksgiving dinner with visiting Americans in London gives Hanna and Jill a new client and a chance to get really drunk on really amazing absinthe, and then fight Lugus, a reborn Celtic god who wants to impregnate the entire world. Guest starring Lady Jenny Carashire and Sarah Maugh.

1866 / November
“Rubber Suited Monsters: A Tribute to Doctor Who”
(ebook; to be reprinted in a future Gunfighter Gothic collection)
A metallic canine zaps Hanna and Jill, sending them to the 44th century for a wacky adventure with Bellingham, the time traveling, British spy. Watch Hanna get split into 11 different iterations of herself as her faithful companion, Jill, fights to put her back together. Also, someone gets lucky. Guest starring Bellingham, Queen Isabel, and Miss Tennyson Feathers.

1866 / December
“God in the Steam”
(Gunfighter Gothic v2: Absinthe & Steam)
Portions of this story take place in 1867 / June.
After the events at the House of Absinthe & Steam, Lady Carashire invited Hanna and Jill to her country estate, where she hopes to trick them into assisting one of her scientists with his experiment. There’s also another reborn Celtic god on the loose to make things dangerous. Guest starring Lady Jenny Carashire, Sarah Maugh, Father Ryan Bragh, and Abigail and Jens Anthon.

“The Worldly Introduction of Lady Absinthe & Gentleman Steam, Occult Detectives”
(Gunfighter Gothic v2: Absinthe & Steam)
Victims of scientific experiments conducted by Lady Carashire’s scientists, Father Bragh and Abigail Anthon now find themselves transformed – him into a man of metal and her into a woman of plants. They take on a new client, an American named Jill Masters who is worried that her mistress, Haneul Pak, is possessed by the ancient spirit of Morgan Le Fay. Guest starring Lady Absinthe, Gentleman Steam, Merlin, and Ajax Finch.


Gunfighter Gothic and all related characters, stories, and images are Copyright 2012-2014, Mark Bousquet (bousquet-dot-mark@gmail.com


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